Zurich possesses both a prestigious past and present, meaning that its abundance of attractions should come as a surprise to no one. Even it is home to numerous museums, parks, and examples of historical architecture, there are some that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Here are 5 of the attractions that I’d recommend to visitors who have some time to spare in Zurich:

1. Lindenhof

As part of Old Zurich, it is no coincidence that the Lindenhof is home to a number of important historical sites, including both a Roman castle and a Carolingian Kaiserpfalz. In modern times, it has become a recreational space where both residents and visitors can escape urban existence to relax in lush and natural surroundings. Furthermore, the Lindenhof’s combination of central location and elevated position provides visitors a spectacular overview of Old Zurich.

2. Bahnhofstrasse

Bahnhofstrasse is the single most expensive street for retailers in Europe. In part, this is because it is the main street of the Zurich, but the more important contribution comes from the fact that it is replete with upscale retailers selling the most prestigious brands found on the planet. Examples range from Chanel to Giorgio Armani and Louis Vutton. Visitors uninterested in browsing the retailers can also relax at the Paradeplatz, a square close to Lake Zurich that is famous for its cafes.

3. Kunsthause Zurich

One of the most recognizable buildings in Zurich, the Kunsthause Zurich also happens to house one of the best art collections in Europe. Other than a strong emphasis on Swiss artists, no single theme dominates the collection, which features pieces ranging from the Middle Ages to more modern schools. Famous names in the collection include Georges Braque, Edvard Munch, and Pablo Picasso.

4. Grossmunster

Legend tells that the Grossmunster was founded when Charlemagne’s horse stumbled over the tombs of Felix and Regula, who served then as now as Zurich’s patron saints. In modern times, the Grossmunster is one of the three most famous churches in Zurich, alongside the Fraumunster and St. Peterskirche. The Grossmunster is a superb example of Romanesque architecture, featuring a carved portal, elaborate columns, plus a pair of towers that dominate the local landscape.

5. Zurich Zoologischer Garten

Home to over 2,000 animals belonging to more than 300 species, the Zurich Zoologischer Garten is an excellent destination for families with curious children. It is compact enough to fit right in Zurich, meaning that visitors can see and experience a range of natural environs with minimal inconvenience. Of particular note are its elephant house, penguin parade, and the Madagascar Pavilion.