If you are very fortunate, you may not need to worry about seeing London on a budget and could very well want to see it in Luxury. London is an expensive city so to do your London Sightseeing in luxury may well cost you a bit but it will certainly be a worthwhile and comfortable time for you. Below are some pointers to help you see London in luxury and what you can expect, from this historical and cultural city.

  • London Queues: There are queues for almost every attraction in London; the most popular attraction in London (the London Eye) has very long queues, although they do get through quite quickly. If you want to see London in luxury, then we would recommend booking in advance and finding the “Fast Track” options that are often available for most attractions. Although the “Fast Track” options are more expensive, pre-booking them can often be done at a discounted rate.
  • Traveling around London: You can choose to take public transport (the tube or bus) but this can be quite tiring and stressful, what you could consider is taking Black Cabs everywhere or alternatively you could try your own private guide who will ferry you around. Private London Guides are quite a popular option and that way you can have the London Sightseeing Tour you want built around things that actually interest you.
  • London Sightseeing Tour: You may want to see London at your own pace and leisure, or you may want an organised trip. There are premier tour companies with luxury coaches and professional guides that can assist you, or alternatively you could hire your own guide for the day.

  • Eating in London: London, is full of restaurants and you may find yourself confused by where to eat then we would recommend jumping onto the online restaurant guide and booking website of TopTable. This way you can find what you like at a price that suits you in the area you  want and you can also read reviews of the restaurant and book a table for yourself. Therefore, you no longer need to rely on a concierge that will be getting commission for you going into restaurants they recommend – you can get an impartial view.
  • Getting to and from the airport: When you arrive into London Heathrow or Gatwick, you can use public transport to get you into Central London or you can hire a private car to pick you up and it is not as expensive as you may think. It can also be quite economical if there are a few of you, so always just check online as the cost of public transport is not cheap in London getting from the Airport to Central London.
  • Luxury Shopping in London: London is one of the shopping capitals of the world and if you love your Chanel and Gucci then you will want to enjoy the best of London shopping. One of London’s most popular Luxury shops is Harrods and you can enjoy a personal shopping experience there. Just go onto their website and book a place and your shopping assistant will help you find exactly what you are after in this fabulous shop. There are also lots of other luxury shops including Hugo Boss and Tiffany’s but you will need to head to the Strand for this.