Newcastle is a great place for a city break. Once a dominant centre of industry and shipbuilding, these days it is better known for its nightlife. In fact, for nightlife, Newcastle has been voted the number one tourist destination in the UK by the Rough Guide to Britain.

But there are many sides to this great city and so much to do that you’ll probably find yourself planning your next visit as soon as you get home! Here are 5 must-do activities to really get your teeth into Newcastle and experience the city like a local:

Grainger Market
A Grade 1 listed building, Grainger Market is one of the biggest indoor markets in the UK. It houses over 100 shops selling pretty much everything imaginable. You can spend hours exploring, getting lost and finding little gems.
Rifle around one of the original branches of M&S, ‘Marks and Spencer Original Penny Bazaar’, Visit the traditional weigh house for a blast from the past, and finally, check out Lindsay’s oyster bar by the Grainger Street entrance to freshen your palate.

Jesmond Dene
Newcastle city centre is dominated by parks. Town Moor, just north of the centre is bigger than Hyde Park and Hampstead Heath put together. But the best one of all is Jesmond Dene with its winding paths, natural wildlife and gorgeous stately home. Oh, and there’s a waterfall!

Just next to the park is Jesmond, where all the students and young professionals hang out. It’s full of bars and cafes and is painfully hip. On a nice day, there’s nothing better to do than sit outside a pub with a cold pint of cider.

Theatre Royal
Newcastle’s Theatre Royal is an astonishing building situated on Grey Street in Grainger Town. It is the regional home of the Royal Shakespeare Company, the National Theatre, Opera North and the Rambert Dance Company.

The theatre celebrated its 175th birthday last year with a full restoration of the interior and it looks amazing. Although, you should probably focus your attention on the action on stage.

Victoria Tunnel Tour
The walking tour of Victoria Tunnel is one of those things that the locals all want to do, but they just never get round to it. Don’t make that mistake. It costs about £5 and it takes you into the depths of the city’s history.

Victoria Tunnel was used to transport coal underneath the city from the mines to the shipyard. During World War 2, it was transformed into an air raid shelter for more than 9000 people. It’s something a bit different and it’s certainly memorable.

Diamond Strip
And what would a trip to Newcastle be without a crazy night out? Find out for yourself why this city is regarded so highly for its wild nightlife.

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to places to go, with bars and clubs around every corner. Different areas cater for different crowds, but they’re all bursting with energy and packed with Newcastle’s famously friendly residents.

If you want to rub shoulders with the great and the good, get yourself to the Diamond Strip, Newcastle’s equivalent of London’s W1. And don’t worry, despite the upmarket clientele, the drinks are reasonably priced and a night out shouldn’t be too much of a dint in your budget.