Oxford Street is surrounded with very fashionable shops that cater to everything from branded clothing to budget bargain clothing. Oxford is one of my favorite destinations in London as you can feel the energy from different people especially as they show off their fashion trends. I have seen a variety of fashion shops there however one of the budget stores that really caught my eye was Primark.


This budget shopping store is one of the leading stores in the UK. Primark is situated in many different areas in UK and the Oxford Street store is the biggest and has the best selection of clothing. Primark has every fashion item that a woman (or a man) needs.


Fashion for men – They provide a variety of brands from Cedarwood State to Denim Co, men suits, footwear, casual outfits, Denim Jeans, T-Shirts, Formal Shirts, Ties and work outfits. They provide all ranges from Butler & Webb of a variety of fabrics, with cotton shirts, silk fabric and other range of materials. For a sporty man, they also sell a range of fashion sportswear from tennis, golf and skiing specific clothing. Even for the most accessorized and fashionable man on earth – you can find an assortments of bags, hats, scarves, socks and ties. Footwear for men ranges from casual to formal and you can find anything that matches for any special occasion.

For example: Men’s work jeans starts from 15 pounds, shirts from 10-14 pounds


The Budget leading store in Oxford Street, London is PrimarkFashion for women – Primark has everything for women as I’m sure that their goal is to provide you with a vast variety of options for women and ensuring that every woman who shops at Primark will get the right look and the right outfit. Ranging from the latest styles of summer dresses, bikini, winter dresses, tops, shirts, long sleeves, cardigans, jackets, skirts, shorts, jeans, leggings and many more from casual wear to a formal wear. Lingerie for women ranges from sexy to functional. Most women can’t go out with accessories therefore Primark has it all fully accessorized that ranges from make- up, jewelry, hats, bags and scarves. At Primark they have a complete collection to fulfill women’s fashion footwear that includes sporty shoes, sandals, high heels and comfy shoes.

Example: Ladies Denim Jeans from 9 pounds, Dresses from 9-12 pounds


Primark has everything you can find for girls and boys in fashion at affordable prices. Most of the childrenswear are affordable yet fashionable and functional.
Example: Jeans from 4 pounds, jackets from 6-8 pounds

I hope this information is helpful for your budget shopping needs as it definitely is worth buying lots of good quality clothes that are affordable while you are visiting London.